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What do you think when you hear the term email marketing? Do you think these “spam” emails that clog your Inbox trying to sell you supplements to iPods? Or do you think of the Nigerian lawyer who needs your help to get 300 million dollars on behalf of his client died on the country, which average willingly shares with you? I hope not, because email marketing is true that none of these things.

True e-mail marketing is a form of electronic commerce. It allows you to reach out and offer your product or service to customers and other stakeholders in a very cost effective. It’s a way that you as a trusted supplier can achieve and reach customers and potential customers. True e-mail marketing is permission marketing. Your customers will give their permission for you to contact them.

An email consists of two main components of the information that you want to covey. It’s usually in text form and a call to action, where the reader responds to your offer. A well-written email usually gets some kind of response from the reader. Because it does, it makes email a powerful tool for business. To get the desired reaction, an email should create a strong emotional response in the mind of the reader. This response could be a desire to connect with a person, an idea, a product, or a service. This emotional response occurs on many levels and it’s important for the businesses to understand how to reach those levels and learn how to construct email messages that are effective in provoking the desired response from readers.

It’s useful to use an email marketing service such as iContact or Constant Contact for your email marketing campaign. These companies have safe guards in place that prevents recipients from flagging your email domain as spam. Even though you ask for permission, a recipient can flag your message as spam, if he decides he doesn’t want to receive your email any more.

Companies like iContact and Constant Contact host your lists and provide tools to create your own email marketing campaigns. They provide reports; let you know how many people opened your email and how many people clicked through to any links you may have included in your email. Another important service that these zovirax cheap price companies provide is permission-based email subscriptions, where your customer agrees to let you send them emails. Permission-based email subscriptions are very effective in gaining consumer trust and safeguarding customers against junk mail.

What’s the big secret about email marketing? IContact offers these five rules for effective email messages:

1. Offer helpful, meaningful and value-driven content

2. Direct your message toward an individual rather than large groups (personalize the message)

3. Create integrated emails that can easily and strategically used with other internet applications

4. Allow open communication between sender and receiver

5. Messages must provide safe and private modes of interacting with others, including businesses, online

While email marketing remains extremely cost effective, big companies use email testing to ensure their email messages bring the highest returns possible. With email testing, you write two versions of your email-marketing message and two different titles. You divide your database of email addresses in to four groups (there are many scientific ways to do that and we could spend all day discussing the pros and cons of this topic). Using your email message provider tools, track the results to see which headline gets the most “opens,” and which message gets the most click-through. By doing this you can determine which headline has the greatest impact on your audience. You can also determine which of the two offers that you created, develops the most interest with your target audience. You will find this information useful for your next email-marketing message.

In developing its e-mail campaigns, make sure you use social networks and power through popular Internet web sites and online applications such as Kaboodle, Facebook, Digg, Twitter and increase the number of people can go. By understanding what emails do for you and what makes them effective, small and medium businesses can use to simplify and streamline the process of marketing via email, making them competitive with larger companies. For a small amount of money, any company can create massive e-mail marketing.

If this is something you’d like to try, but do not have the skills to do it yourself, take a marketing professional to help you. I am ready to help you with e-mail marketing efforts. If you need advice or complete a strategic marketing plan, you can call or send an e-mail to discuss your needs.

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