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Avoiding Legal Misery when Marketing a Practice Online

Going online can be a reasonably priced and effective form of marketing for any physician practice. But if it isn’t done right, the Internet can end up being a legal minefield.

While the Web and social media can be beneficial, it is important for physicians to address the proper ways for a practice’s doctors and staff to use social media inside and outside the workplace — even for conduct outside the practice’s work or Web space.

Your Web presence is treated as advertising under the law, just as if you bought space in a newspaper or telephone book. So the legal and ethical rules of advertising for physicians apply. For example, your website should not contain patient or individual testimonials. The safest way is to concentrate on the facts of your practice: who you are your level of experience, the services you provide and your practice’s location.

The site can tell potential patients why they should select your practice, as long as the statements are not legally false, deceptive or misleading, as judged by authorities such as your state’s medical board. The American Medical Association Code of Medical Ethics says, “Generalized statements of satisfaction with a physician’s services may be made if they are representative of the experience of that physician’s patients.”

Despite some risks, a website can be an excellent and relatively inexpensive way to brand your practice. So can social media — Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other sites that connect directly with patients.

While engaging in social media, physicians also should be aware of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act’s privacy provisions. Even an inadvertent disclosure of a patient’s health information through social media can be a problem. For example, a hospital employee was forced to resign over a message she posted on Twitter that contained health information about a patient.

Even if you’re not using social media, others may be using it to talk buying zovirax online about you. Social media also are used by patients to express views about a physician. Some of my physician clients are concerned that patient blogs mentioning them are among the first few listings on search engines. Other physicians worry about false or misleading information being spread quickly through social media.

Legally speaking, there’s not much a physician can do about this other than to monitor the conversation and respond professionally without attacking anyone personally or divulging patient information.

It is important that practices establish a social media policy for a practice’s physicians and staff members. Your policy should outline what is acceptable use (if any) of personal social media during business hours. The following three W’s should be outlined.

Who is permitted to post or tweet material to social media dedicated to the practice? Is someone designated as the practice’s poster or tweeter?
What can be posted? The policy should address appropriate responses when people post material on the practice’s site. For example, someone might post a medical question on the practice’s Facebook page. From a liability perspective, you should not give medical advice through social media. A good response would be: “Thank you for your inquiry. Please call our office, and we will be happy to discuss this with you.”
Where will the practice post? The policy should say which social media sites the practice uses and maintains.
The policy should tell employees of the risks associated with disclosing patient and other practice information on social media networks and ways to avoid illegal disclosures.

One way to do so is to require that all material posted on behalf of the practice is approved by a committee sooner than a single person. This will help avoid HIPAA violations and inappropriate disclosures. Further, the policy should explain the consequences of noncompliance by your employees and emphasize personal responsibility and good judgment.

Prominent Online Marketing Helps Businesses to Stop Irritating Customers

A recent survey shows that telemarketers and door-to-door salesmen can really annoy Australian consumers. Online marketing consultancy prominent Online Marketingcan help business owners to stop irritating their customers whilst growing their business more effectively.

Customer magazine Choice surveyed over a thousand of its members to find out what annoys Australians most. Coming in at number seven were telemarketers and door-to-door sales people. If your business relies on direct marketing such as door-to-door sales or telemarketing to grow and thrive, prominent Online Marketing can help you find new ways of reaching fresh customers and getting more leads for your business.

“The problem with telemarketing, door-to-door sales or even print and radio advertising is that it can be difficult to reach your ideal customer. The approach is very broad and it often targets people while they are focused on doing something else,” says Ms Jungclaus, founder of online marketing consultancy prominent online marketing.

“Instead it makes sense to advertise people when they are trying to solve a problem and are looking for products and services to help buy zovirax in uk them do so. With this approach you will get many more responses and therefore get more business from the same advertising budget.”

Specialists in online lead generation, Prominent Online Marketing can help small businesses achieve just that: get more fresh leads and new customers in the door while cutting advertising and marketing spend by as much as half. And you won’t be included in the ‘most annoying’ list anymore!

“Simply think about how most people go about solving their problems today,” says Ms Jungclaus. “Many people will ask their existing network of contacts first and then try and find a solution online. And that’s exactly how you want to get new customers: through referrals and online.”

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The Future of Online Marketing

Social Media Portal founder Tim Gibbon has claimed that social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and Friendfeed have more potential for online marketing than directly advertising.

Mr Gibbon said that online marketing social media had the advantage of “seamless” addition and so was able to avoid the weakness of direct online advertising – the “unwanted” factor.

He said that since 2005 there has been a huge shift towards social networking, a shift that was finally being recognized by companies who are now focusing on Facebook and Twitter for their online marketing efforts.

A number of companies even print their Facebook and Twitter URLs on receipts to make customers aware of their social media presence, Mr Gibbon noted.

New research this week identified another important phenomenon in the UK online marketing sector, which will have quite an impact on the future – mobile devices and applications.

A study by the Association of Online buy zovirax australia Publishers (AOP) revealed that most publishers are looking to build online marketing campaigns on mobile devices such as the iPad and even more were planning to launch new apps in the 12 months, offering some of their content and services free of charge.

twitterResearchers found that half of those surveyed were already delivering mobile content, and one in six already had iPad apps. Some 72 per cent had mobile websites up and running, while another 25 per cent were planning to launch them over the next year.

An overwhelming 91 per cent of respondents identified the mobile online sector as an opportunity or “major opportunity” for marketing in the next 12 months – 86 per cent saw the iPad and other tablets as a good place to focus, while 84 per cent picked the Smartphone and apps 80 per cent would be focusing on apps.