Google Anniversary

Google is having its 12th Birthday today. Google Inc is the owner of the company and main search engine which is used in search by millions of people daily.

This search engine comes as a doctoral dissertation by Larry Page and Sergey Brine (two students of doctorate in computer science from Stanford University) to improve Internet Searches.

Coordination and counseling was done by the Mexican Hector Garcia Molina, who served as director of the Laboratory of Computer Science also from Stanford University parts of the project completed, Page and Brin founded on September 4 of 1998 for Google Inc.

The search engine overcame another popular at the time, the search AltaVista had been created in 1995.

Vint Cerf, considered one of the fathers of the Internet, was hired by Google in 2005. The company zovirax aciclovir trades on the NASDAQ under the ticker GOOG.

In October 2006, Google gained 1.65 billion U.S. dollars by the famous video site YouTube.

In April 2007, Google bought DoubleClick, a company specializing in Internet advertising for 3100 million dollars. Earlier this month, Google became the world’s most valuable brand, reaching the sum of 66,000 million dollars, beating flagship companies like Microsoft, General Electric and Coca-Cola.

In September 2010, Google implemented “Google Instant Search”, a feature that allows to search as the user is typing the search term.

This special occasion is celebrated the Google way with a very special Google doodle as in the picture. “Happy Birthday Google”.

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