Online Ad Spending Skyrockets

Revenues from online advertising in Canada blew past expectations in recession-ravaged 2009 and are expected to jump another 15% this year, according to new figures out Tuesday.

The Interactive Advertising Bureau of Canada said revenues hit .82 billion last year and will reach .1 billion in 2010.

“It seems incredible that after passing the billion revenue mark just two years ago — and after the worst recession in history — Internet advertising in Canada is poised to break through to the billion mark in 2010,” said Paula Gignac, president of IAB Canada.

What’s more impressive, according to Gignac, is that ad spending on the web in Canada has grown at a double-digit rate in the face of low, no, or negative zovirax aciclovir online growth in other countries.

Online ads are rapidly closing in on newspaper ad revenues with Internet spots now representing 13% of the combined $13.8 billion spent on advertising in all media.

In 2009, search-based ads continued to lead the share of dollars spent on the web, followed by display ads and classifieds. Sales of online video ads nearly doubled last year to hit $20 million while publisher-based email ads lost ground, falling from $18 million in 2008 to just $13 million in 2009.

Ads embedded within video games were also reported for the first time with $3 million in revenues.

Overall, automotive, packaged goods, financial, technology and retail companies spent most on Internet ads.