Online Marketing Basics

Building a business online isn’t rocket science, but, like starting a business anywhere, it requires discipline, attention to detail and trial and error. One of the most important aspects of making your online small business work is to focus your efforts in the direction of online marketing, making sure your Website or blog appears high in search results and through social media for customers seeking your products or services. In bricks and mortar businesses it’s location, location location. In online business no better means exists to help your business be found than paying attention to online marketing. We’ll look at some online marketing basics and issues that can create difficulty for marketing your small business online in this roundup from Small Business Trends.

Small Business Basics

Creating video to market your small business in local search. Small business marketing coach Bryan Bliss explains how to market your small business in local Internet search by creating simple online video content. Bryan even gives a step by step tutorial for creating a video for a local real estate business including a digital walk-through for potential buyers. Generosity Marketing

Google, Verizon deal could threaten small business. A recent New York Times article looks at the problems that may arise if a deal allows faster delivery of online content for companies that pay for it. The agreement between search giant Google and Internet provider Verizon could favor large companies who could afford to pay to have their online content upload more quickly than small companies. Critics of the deal want safe guards that will keep the Internet an equal playing field for all.

Tools & Tips

It’s about more than marketing. Web analytics is famously useful as a marketing tool. But that, it turns out, is not all Web analytics is good for. This post looks at some of the other aspects of your business that can benefit from Web analytics as a small business tool. Level Analytics

Beware of false prophets. Understandably, Aaron Wall, an SEO expert, is generally suspicious of anyone who claims Search Engine Optimization is unimportant when it comes to online marketing. And well he should be. But there’s a deeper message to this post about failing to properly buy aciclovir uk understand the nuts and bolts of how to market your own business online…and about the dangers of trusting in shortcuts. SEO Book

A tool for better local search engine marketing. Check out this overview of a tool that can help you look for ideas on marketing your small business locally. Though the Internet is global, marketing your business locally can be just as important and the Internet can be important for that too. The right approach can help you dominate that niche too. Small Business Search Marketing


How do you pick your marketing keywords? Attracting the right customers to your Website will be one of the keys to your online business success. And the key to attracting the right customer is using the right keywords. Stoney deGeyter has some thoughts about those right keywords. He’s also got some thoughts on the wrong ones. Are you using them? Search Engine Guide

How online marketing leads to offline business. Online marketing is not just for online only businesses…obviously. Many bricks and mortar small businesses have benefited greatly from use of online marketing techniques. How do they do it? And how can you and other small business owners imitate their success. Duct Tape Marketing

Targeting your customers on your Website. Can you imagine knowing everything (or everything important) about your customer the first time they visit your site? A variety of companies are offering onsite marketing options to help you target your visitors and know how best to serve them immediately. This article looks at some of the options available. WSJ

SEO Ideas

Staying away from the dark side. Like the Jedi Knights in the popular Star Wars movie franchise, staying away from the dark side is important, especially the dark side of SEO. Here are five tips that you shouldn’t follow when marketing your online business. Stay away from the dark side and you and your business will prosper. CIK Marketing
So what exactly are Google tags? And how can they help you market your business online. Is this ever your lucky day? Online marketing consultant Chris Piepho has been working with these little tools for almost a month now and has some important data to share.

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