Tips for Maximizing Your Sales Letter Response

1. Send your sales letter to the right people.

If the intent of your sales letter is to sell home renovation services, for example, you want to send it just to homeowners in your area, not to apartment dwellers. While the best mailing list is one that you’ve built personally from your own prospect list, Canada Post offers householder counts that you can use to focus your sales letter campaign on specific categories of potential customers. You can also buy mailing lists from mail list brokers.

2. Personalize your sales letter.

Addressing the sales letter personally rather than using a salutation such as “Dear Friend” or “Dear Homeowner” increases the response rate to your sales letter. Using mail merge makes this easy to do.

3. Write different versions of your sales letter for different segments of your target market.

All your customers or clients are not the same. So why expect them all to be persuaded by exactly the same zovirax buy sales letter? Create different versions of your sales letter for different segments of your target market by emphasizing different benefits of your offer or by changing the benefits completely.

4. Include an order form with your sales letter.

One of the keys of a successful sales letter is making it easy for your prospective customer to take action. Including an order form with your letter gives the customer another option for taking immediate action, making it easier for her to respond by fax or mail.

5. Don’t include fancy graphics in your sales letter.

The general rule is that the closer your sales letter resembles a typed letter from one person to another the better the response. You may find including a single photo of your product (with a caption) works well, but leave the intensive graphics for your brochure. You don’t want your sales letter to look like an advertisement.