Steps to Business Networking

Business networking is an inexpensive, effective way to advertise your services and products. She sent in these business networking tips, four basic steps which will make your business networking more effective:

1. Choose Events Wisely: Attend events where there will be business owners or decision-makers to buy your product or service. Don’t waste time attending all events as there will be a lot of events where people are just not suitable to purchase from you.

2. Talk to Strangers: Walk up to people that you do not know and introduce yourself. Introduce yourself with a firm handshake, look them in the eyes and say your name and company name. After they introduce themselves, ask them questions about their business, such as “How did you get started in that business?” and “What do you like best about your business?”

Make the conversation all about them and not you. People love to talk about themselves. If you allow them to talk about themselves, you will be remembered as someone who took the time to get to know zovirax them. Remember, networking is not about the quantity of business cards with which you come home. It’s about relationships.

3. Follow-up: When you get back to your office, send a follow-up email, “snail” mail a handwritten note, or call to make an appointment. The follow-ups should be short notes to remind them of where you met, wish them success in their business, and remind them of what you do. I like to also invite them to other networking events so you are offering them value and not just trying to get them to buy from you.

4. Face-to-Face Again: If you have made an appointment, congratulate yourself. You did a great job in convincing them that you offer value. At the meeting, remember to talk about them and ask more in-depth questions about their business. Find out how you can help them by listening to their concerns. After you have listened and you think you know how to help them, then you can talk about the solutions that you offer.

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